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Nick Wolf

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Life is a long song, in which you choose the lyrics!
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Renewed and Ready to Make My Friends Happy

Sep 6th @ 10:09pm EDT

After a period of change and deep reflection in my life, I am thrilled to be back in my job as a virtual adult model. Moving cities and facing an existential crisis was an overwhelming challenge, but it has been an empowering experience. Now, I feel much better and am full of energy and enthusiasm. My main goal in this new chapter of my life is to make my virtual friends feel special, helping them get through their days with joy and satisfaction.Empathy and connection are fundamental to my work, and I am committed to offering my followers meaningful and exciting moments. My personal experiences have allowed me to understand the importance of caring for the mental and emotional health of those who follow me. I want to be a source of support and joy for all those who choose to share their time with me in this virtual space. So, with a renewed heart and a positive mind, I am ready to embark on this new stage and continue to make a difference in the lives of those who trust me. Thank you to all my virtual friends for being part of this adventure, I look forward to sharing amazing moments together!


Feb 12th @ 3:52pm EST

YOU guys make me feel like that!! you guys are my sun, you guys are the reflection of something very shiny, and sometimes you guys get me blinded LOL. Seriously i feel better than ever. Many events during my last year have made me question about my life, let's say I have felt lost about who I am. A few nights ago I felt destroyed and defeated by my own ego, I felt devastated. It was at that point where I said I didn't want to go anywhere anymore, where I hit rock bottom, I cried like when my brother passed away, I unburdened myself incredibly and finally I said: God if you have me here, give me the situations and circumstances to express my skills and talent and use me as a tool to impact others but if I have nothing else to give then give me the situation and circumstances to leave this physical reality. Today the day I write this blog I feel amazingly good, I decided to give myself to my work by moving away from my past and YOU naughty angels each one is very unique and special as an individual, thank you for rescuing me. If you read this I love you.


Dec 13th @ 1:47pm EST

I had never had an infection on the inside of my eyelid before. As soon as I felt an abnormality I went to the pharmacy and returned with an antibiotic and a bottle of drops. The method was so successful that by the third day I had nothing just visible and I decided to stop using the medication completely ignoring the pharmacist's recommendation of 5 days of medication.Days later the microorganism affected me again with more strong, I sunbathed and it got worse adding a painful sensation to my day =( I was online for a couple of hours but I didn't feel good physically, I didn't look sexy and my eye hurt so I preferred to take advantage of the illness to rest and do other things. Right now writing this I feel better but I'm still taking care of my eye. Moral: come to my chat room and tell me =D . Thanks for reading.

It Feels So Good!

Aug 21st @ 9:03pm EDT

I am very excited because after a depressive time, having doubts of myself, confusing moments and trying to find myself. i am feeling very good and it has been shown in my fans, well they are enjoying my shows very much as much as i do! i have realized how beautiful it is to connect with my fans for who they are and viceverse. we have done group shows, privates and parties to celebrate as it should be, playing naughty games and having fun. LOVE YOU, GUYS. with LOVE. NICK.


Jul 15th @ 4:45pm EDT

I am back online, after taking some time off for personal issues. This is my 4th year online on F4F, and I am thrilled to see so many familiar names, as well as great new fans every day. I missed you guys very much! Please stop in and see me, usually about 10am-2pm most days. I would love to chat with you, and put on sexy shows you will love to see! Do feel free to message me anytime with any questions, and follow me online, on IG or TW as DNICKWOLF, for updates on upcoming shows! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!


Apr 18th @ 2:28pm EDT

I didn't know transitions were so tough, it's a doubtful moment where you don't know where you are and who you are, it's the moment life tells you to make a stop and give your life a different direction. But not all is hard, what you can get from it is becoming a stronger person, a more conscious person, more relaxed and open person and a more lovely person that wants to share all the best with all my fans.

Best is yet to Come

Mar 13th @ 10:01am EDT

Best Is Yet To Come!Marking my third year online, there have been many factors in my personal life that have somewhat limited me. My musical career is finally starting to develop, and I dealt with pressure from other sources that made it tough to concentrate. But I am very happy to say that I AM BACK and ready to devote full attention to my valued followers here on F4F. Look for me online most days around 10a-2p EST, and prepare to be aroused, amused and entertained. Let's chat soon, and thank you for your support!

Dancing my way to your fantasies!

Nov 5th @ 5:10pm EDT

I promise you, my valued followers, that I will dedicate myself to becoming your best choice of webmodel on F4F! Had to deal with some other issues, but now am back!I will be online daily, apx. 8:00am to 1:00pm EST (Colombia)! Will be doing more structured shows, including some with dancing (am taking dancing lessons!) I invite your comments and suggestions. See you online!

Looking Ahead to Future!

Oct 25th @ 4:32pm EDT

As many of you already know, my ultimate goal is to have a career as a musician/singer/songwriter ... and it is getting closer and closer, largely thanks to the support you have given me as a webmodel! I am online close to three years now, while taking voice and acting coaching. I have several videos online,which I wrote and played all of the musical instruments on the track. I also also done many online concerts. To make the time to pursue my dream, I have had to cut back my presence on F4F, and currently am usually online every Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon morning. I apologize for my frequent absences when I was working up to this, but I know this division will work out best. Plesae know that you are all very important to me, and I really hope you will join me on my online days.


Oct 22nd @ 1:00pm EDT

HEY HEY HEY GUYS :P i am very but very happy broadcasting from home. This was one of the goals being a webcam model, just think about it this way: you as a webcam model can do in your house, SHOWER SHOWS, COOKING SHOWS, BEDTIME SHOWS, AND MUSIC ROOM SHOWS in my case :P i've done some of those shows and we had fun very much. to finish this BLOG, you guys need to know that this was possible thanks to you, thanks to your credits that helped to reach my goals and build better shows for you. I always think of you to keep improving for you and be a better moden and entertainer. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRUSTING ME and too much LOVE for you.


Oct 22nd @ 12:55pm EDT

heeeeeey guys, i want to let you know my experience in my birthday: first thank you so much for every person who visited me on my birthday (October 18th) i had fun very much with you guys, i was facing some emotional problems but you guys joined to make my day happier. Especial thanks for BOB and IAN. THANKS FOR READING AND HAVE A GREAT DAY, GUYS.


Mar 25th @ 7:43pm EDT

Guys, this is a difficult time all around the world, but in the same time it's a chance and perfect moment to stop and ask yourself many questions, to know who you are really, and realize we are nothing without others, to do what we used to think while we were saying ''i don't have time to....'' and do it right now! finally i want to say if you want a friend or pleasure i will be online everyday, due to the quarentine i decided to live in my studio with some other models too. Nick Wolf will be waiting for you :)


Mar 25th @ 7:35pm EDT

Hi, guys! Hard to believe it , but i just reached my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY broadcasting on Flirt4Free! It has been an exciting year, in many ways. But most of all, i am very happy for all of friends i have made online, who have supported me throughout this time. Love ya' all!

Sunday morning

Nov 3rd @ 7:09am EST

I wanted to share something with you... here in my city there's no many places open on sunday so i had to drive a little bit to buy my breakfast. Once i get there i found a bill in the parking lot, it wasn't a huge one but anything, no matter how small it is, is a blessing hahaha i bought some candy with that to reward myself for be training hard these last days! let me know what good things happened to you today :)

People is special

May 13th @ 12:29pm EDT

Guys i just want to express i little bit of what i have inside that you can't see on the outside. Never wish evil on your enemy, it doesn't care if that person hurt you, People only give what they have inside or sometimes that person had a bad day and we are humans and we don't feel good everytime but finally who owes you an apology is your enemy and in the long run you will feel peace in your conscience and be an example to the world.however each person is special in their essence, they can and want to excel so never judge them but in the end learn to choose who is around you, who is worth giving your time and confidence. Kisses guys.

To move somewhere else.

May 9th @ 1:13pm EDT

I'm really happy because i will go to live alone in my new apartment, i've had some problems at my actually home with some people so i was crazy about to leave that house and live alone, i prefer to live in piece, in a quiet house, i could walk by naked if i would want, i like to feel free. So i was looking for a new apartment to live like that, and finally i found one after 1 month. i'm so happy for that guys and thanks for supporting my life and being so cute with me. i live thanks to you.

If i could

May 4th @ 1:19pm EDT

If i could live with all users in this website i would do it.If i could give hugs in real life to everybody i would do itif i could make a party and dance with everybody i would do itif i could sing naked for everybody in a big hall i would do itif i had many kisses to give kisses all guys i would do itif i could say ''i love you'' all of you guys every minute i would do it.Guys i just want to tell you that i'm really happy to get to know you, i feel so proud to have you in my life, i don't want to be another person when i'm with you. i feel so full and thankful with you,i love you guys.

I promise

May 3rd @ 8:52am EDT

I promise to be the most loyal model to you.I promise to make you feel special.I promise to give you pleasure.I promise to be your friend.I promise to be there when you need me.I promise to make you laugh.I promise to share my talents with you.I promise to hear you.I promise to treat you as you like it.I promise to keep your secrets in my safe.I promise to make cum on any part of you want.I promise to kiss you.I promise to keep exercising my body to be sexier for you. I promise to make your life as important as you deserve it.I promise to know about your life.I promise to learn how i can be better person for you everyday.I promise to learn how i can be better model for you everyday.And i have many more promises.

Music and me

Apr 29th @ 2:44pm EDT

music is my passion, i love creating sounds, i love art, dancing, singing, acting and much more. i have been with some friends creating songs, i am not the best at doing it but my idea is always to improve and never stop doing it. i have a project to make a song for you with a very positive and hot message, with very erotic sounds, so i hope i can start working on that very soon. you are my favorite little people and i love you.

Who is NickWolf?

Apr 26th @ 1:41pm EDT

Auuuuuuhhhh (Howling) Hello I'm wolf Nick, a charismatic guy, unique, attentive, friendly and of course do not forget I have to be very naughty also to be here. Enjoy this 24 year old hot guy who presents himself so for the world I have a thousand ways to entertain you, I play guitar, piano, sing and dance, I can make you feel special with just one conversation. I am an ordinary person with goals for my life, I am here to give my love and my warmth to the world and achieve my dream of singing for the world with the support of each of you.I love to watch porn, for me it is more than pleasant to give me a good wank, I love to get sucked, I love swimming, playing soccer, I love the unknown so don't be afraid to tell me things if you treat me well you will have my heart and my attention. I hope to have the opportunity to continue telling you more about myself in the chat. Chao cosita rica

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